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"Behind every able man, there are always other able men"

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Great Teamwork 


The key to a successful executive recruitment assignment is good quality teamwork. This means not just choosing a good executive recruitment team to work with in the first place but allowing the recruiter to form a close knit team with you. Having the right relationship means both parties anticipate each other and work as one.


Creating great teams is also a repeating result of all that we do for our clients. Our track record of understanding how a team works together and ensuring the best cultural fit is at the heart of our success. 


Our teamwork at Fleming Banfu International extends far beyond the boundaries of Client - Recruiter - Candidate. Indeed for many of our long-term clients we "constantly recruit" - keeping a permanent eye on the market and alerting them to the availability of elite talent at all times.


We are also the UK partners for the ENEX Organisation; a federated network of independent search consultancies just like us, with partners on every continent and with operations in every major economy. Local Knowledge, Global Reach, Total Commitment.

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