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"A good reputation is better than a good face"

What We Do    

We recruit senior level appointments; we offer guaranteed results for those clients who hire us to work for them.  We will only approach candidates on behalf of clients who have retained our services in advance and we do not accept instructions for searches on any other basis. 


Our candidates can be sure when dealing with us that they are not going to become embroiled in discussions about career opportunities that never materialise because they know our clients have made a significant financial commitment to the recruitment process. 


We have search restrictions in force concerning existing and past clients, we always disclose any relevant existing off limits agreements to new clients.



Executive Search is confidential, quick and effective.


Advertising online only finds the 10% or so of the workforce actively looking for a move; database searching identifies those who were looking for a move weeks or months ago. The only method guaranteed to identify pre-qualified, relevant and highest achieving candidates in any field is direct approach executive search


Our purpose is firstly to find and then attract outstanding candidates into our clients recruitment process by identifying the best in class and approaching them individually, and in person.  We use our unique industry knowledge base to identify those at the right stage to move forward into our clients role. Then we contact them to discuss the career opportunity in complete confidence and, if all is well, we invite them to apply.


As a matter of procedure, even if the assignment is not confidential, we generally will not disclose to candidates the name of the client for whom we are acting until we are actually in a meeting with them. Likewise we will not usually disclose to our client the names of candidates we have met in connection with their assignment unless and until the candidates concerned have agreed

"A rumour goes in one ear and out many mouths"

Practice Areas
  • ​Brand and Own Label Manufacture

  • Distribution, Wholesale and Trade

  • Products and ingredients

  • Retailing, Foodservice 

  • Beauty and Healthcare

  • Homecare and Non-Food FMCG

  • General Grocery

  • Chilled/Frozen 

  • Sales and Commercial

  • Marketing and Product Development

  • Distribution/Logistics

  • Technical and Production

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